In this article, I discuss the requirements for safety equipment in the construction industry, the manual enforcement of these regulations and how AI can be used to automatically improve the use of safety equipment on construction sites.

Although I have based much of this article on the requirements in the UK, the rules and solutions apply pretty much ubiquitously across Europe and the United States.

Wearing appropriate safety equipment on constructions sites in an obligation of employers and visitors governed in the UK by the The Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations 1992; “ Every employer shall ensure that suitable…

This article is targeted at non-technical readers, who want to get a better understanding of what to expect when investing in Computer Vision.

Most customers expect an ‘out-of-the-box’ solution. Just send them the software and they will install it and woosh it’s done.

However, that’s NOT the way AI (aka Machine/Deep Learning) solutions work.

Firstly let’s clarify the terms:

  • AI is the entire subject area, same as Maths or History;
  • Machine Learning is a specific subset of AI, like Algebra or 19th Century European History;
  • Deep Learning is a specific subset of Machine Learning, like Simultaneous Equations or the Napoleonic…

As the world becomes increasingly interested in the use of AI, one area stands out where AI is likely to have only minimal impact — Sales. Why? Because Sales are about relationships, personalities, persistence, working to overcome objections, empathy, creating rapport and most importantly the human touch.

Companies such as offer interesting new tools, which use AI to help guide sales teams, providing them with insight on who to target and predicting pipeline. …

AI has been around for ages, in our modern world of fast paced tech fads — literally for ever. We all must be tired of the story of Alan Turing and his test for machine intelligence, so I won’t retell it here. As someone who got his degree in AI in 1996 I find the current trend exciting but also nothing unusual. I have known, like most AI students, that AI is cool and offers great potential for the future of computing and a better understanding of the human brain. …

A few years ago, after dropping off my son at school, I got talking to one of my fellow drop-off dads on the walk home. As usual, the conversation turned to questions of what it was we did for work? He was a retired mathematician…..insert a long awkward pause…. “Did you teach?” I had already ascertained that he was younger than me, so I had to know how he had achieved this remarkable feat so young and was still able to afford the rather impressive Hampstead house that we were now standing in-front off.

It turns out he had developed…

Property, like most industries today, is set to be transformed as part of what is being referred to as 4IR (The Fourth Industrial Revolution)

This change will affect the various business verticals of the property industry in different ways. Bringing new technology such as improved seller/buyer matching to real estate agents, smart building technology to property managers, insightful analytics to investors and automation to builders.

In this article, I look at some of the real technologies that are currently being implemented and their potential impact on the property industry as well as people’s jobs and how they might change.


Felix Cameron

CEO @ TectumAI, CTO @

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